There will be no postings of material that is false, inaccurate, abusive, hateful, harassing, threatening, invasive of a person's privacy, or in violation of the International Federal Law, and the laws of your current state and/or country.

We reserve all rights to change the rules at any time, should a situation arise that may call for such an action.

Even though our name indicates that this is a very dark, adult-like, forum, let us not go overboard with unnecessary descriptions of mature content. As this is an adult forum there will be some possible usage of adult language, or content, but there are limits to everything, and we ask you to please not abuse them. Use your better judgment. Likewise, if certain content is not to your taste, please feel free to temporarily exit the conversation in question, noting that this is a mature forum, and that we all have different tastes here. We must be considerate of one another differences. No spamming, flooding, advertising, forming chain letters, or solicitation, within S.I.N., anyone caught doing so will be given a fair warning, with the understanding that if it continues their membership may be terminated.

We, the moderators of S.I.N., will do our best to remain present as often as possible, but should a situation occur when none of us are present. We do encourage it to be brought to our attention in the form of a private message. We are a fun bunch of ‘magical’ individuals, but should a situation arise that requires us to take severe actions, do not think we will hesitate to do so.

This forums is populated and used by many different individuals of different cultural, religious, and political backgrounds. Please do not use inflammatory remarks towards other groups, ethnicities, or religious groups. Please remember to be civil and not overly sensitive to the remarks of others for it is most likely a joke or sarcasm. If you feel that any remarks or statements are made explicitly to you, politely ask the individual to refrain from such remarks or statements via a private message. If it continues and becomes significantly worse, then contact an immortal with materials of the offensives. This way we can discuss further actions and determine the severity of those remarks or statements. (Attempt to not take high offense to the conversations, activities, or actions, of other members, again, we are all very fun here, and chances are that what you may take as offensive, may have actually just been a minor jest to the speaker who said it. With that, please also take into account that you are the person solely responsible for what you say, that being the case, do try to be mindful of all of your actions well in S.I.N. )

You, the user, are responsible for selecting a name for yourself, and though we encourage an interest in many mythological, fantasy, fiction, non-fiction and science-fiction works, please make sure it is an original name, no famous vampires, witches, or any other magic or unusual beings, unless given permission to do so. There are several different sorts of individuals running around S.I.N, many of which are very magical beings, so please do not sign on claiming to be an all-powerful wizard, or an ancient vampire who prowls through the night. The exception is in the mortal homes "", only in this section can you use your abilities to create interesting and entertaining stories. At times we, the moderators, may gift you with an ability, most likely through a special event that will last till the end of the event, but unless you are given said powers, please do not try and claim that you have them. Be ye a writer, a baker, an artist, a swordsman, a cowboy, etc., we welcome all to our humble abode, and hope that you find it just as wonderful of a Haven as we do.


Seasons of Incandescent Night(S.I.N.), is an interactive role play forum whose members may participate in fun discussions, games, and random activities.

Please take some time to post in our welcome board, and introduce yourself, as we would very much enjoy learning what we can about you. By entering S.I.N. we would like to assume that you have already read, and gained an understanding, of our rules, and have already accepted them.

We want this to remain a pleasant experience for everyone, and we can only assure that it will remain so as long as we continue to show respect toward one another, and the S.I.N. rules. We do hold the right to change the rules at any time, should a situation arise that may call for such an action.

Please do not register under the name of any character in which you do not own the copyright to. There will be many characters running around S.I.N., several of which you may actually recognize, and in order to spare any form of confusion, we just ask that you try to be original.

This is an adult forum, we placed an age limit for a reason, and do hope that anyone logging on will show honesty in regards to their age. Fair warning, should anyone be caught lying about their age, and found out, they will be banned from S.I.N. immediately. We really do not want to have to deal with any issues that may occur upon the joining of a minor.

This is a role-playing site, that said we do not claim any form of truth associated with our characters, location, or story line. Please refrain from asking us questions such as are we real, or anything else that is off topic in concerns to S.I.N.

Debates are acceptable, but please make sure they remain friendly and professional.

In concerns with any pictures that may be used throughout the forum, please refrain from extreme nudity or crude signs. If an issue should arise, please handle it with the individuals involved, through private message (PM), unless you feel that a moderator should be involved, but we ask that that only be used as a solution in a worst case scenario. We are all adults, and we all know how to talk things over, please do so.

Any threats, of any kind, will be handled with severity. If need be, we will alert the authorities as to the situation, and your personal information will be passed over. We also disclose the right to raise a red flag should we feel that someone may be in danger of any kind, this includes, but is not limited to, suicide, abuse, self-harm, etc.

Please note, we really are a great group of people, but just because we show any indication of liking you as an individual, please do not take it as a personal love interest. We are here to be friends, not form romantic attachments. With this brought to mind, please also take into consideration that not everyone likes to be hugged, kissed, touched, fondled, etc., so unless given permission, please remember each person has a personal and sacred space.

We are an independent site, so we ask that you do not bring your issues from another site, onto our forum, we will not tolerate that behavior on S.I.N.

Please do not post links from other sites onto our pages. If we ever become associated with another site, we will let you know via an announcement. Unless this happens, we are not affiliated with any other forums or groups at this time.

Lastly, we do love to make our members feel welcome, and appreciated, if you should happen to have your own form of website, blog, or a membership on an artistically inspired web based forum, and would like to share it with the other members, feel free to PM a moderator and we will happily take it into consideration.

We ask that you be respectful of one another.

We encourage entertaining characters and stories.

We thrive off of creativity and originality.

Thank You for Joining Us.